Products and Services


In addition to its core business in impact extrusion, deep drawing and stamping, LHF offers the following connected services of the required component:

  • Design Consultation - understanding design problems and helping to develop the right solution
  • Designing the required tool for the production.
  • The production of the tools in our Company.
  • The production of the prototype components.
  • The mass production of the small and large volume components produced by impact extrusion, deep drawing and stamping.
  • Spot welding and soldering of the products.
  • Surface treatment of the components in-house:
    • Degreasing
    • Sand blasting
    • Tumbling/polisihing
    • Zinc plating in the following colors
      • White (blue or colorless)
      • Yellow
      • Black
  • Salt spray chamber tests, our machine is applicable for the following standards: IEC-60068-2-11, ASTM B117, (ISO 9227), és GM 9540P, B287, B380, JIS D0201 / D0205
  • Powder coating, painting and screen printing of the components.
  • Assembly operation
  • Customer specific packaging.
We are offering our free capacity of the above mentioned services and machines for our existing and potential customers. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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